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Three Sources of Corruption

December 17, 2016

Media bias has been cited as a real problem to the extent that major Media is being rejected by tens of millions of Americans. PC in our colleges and universities has made them sources of disorder in the lives of students and now, the recent Gubernatorial election in North Carolina has revealed another source: Attorneys General and the law schools that “educate” lawyers.

In each of these areas is a source in Academe where modern life is being transformed in a direction that took Russia down a road leading to serfdom and which has transformed the nation states of Europe into amalgams of populations that have lost their Western identity.

Our media is corrupted in Departments of Communication. Our universities are corrupted by our Graduate School Departments and our Attorneys General are corrupted in our Law Schools.

In each of these areas of Academe, half-educated “scholars” practice an ideology that is anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian.

The newly elected Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, is the Attorney General of the State whose views are shared by a new class of lawyers that exercise the political powers of the highest legal official in each of the states. These powerful Attorneys General are the product of law schools that lack  intellectual foundations in the principles of limited government of the Founders of the Constitution of the United States. Indeed, they despise the original Constitution. That transformation in spirit and thought occurred long ago in the 1930’s when American politics was challenged by the Great Depression. Judicial activists championed a Constitution that adapted to the times and was not hampered by limits placed on national power in the original Constitution.

If you want to understand the Founders of the Constitution, you must seek out political theorists who teach Constitutional Law, not lawyers, and examine the debates in the Federal Constitution of 1787 and the state ratification conventions that convened to ratify the new Constitution. I know of only a few places where that opportunity exists.

It is also very difficult to find a “journalist” who is not driven by Left-wing ideology and that is because our Communication Departments are fountains of Politically Correct ideas. Gonzaga University is a prime example of what passes for “education” in schools that train journalists.

Our media, colleges and law schools present serious problems for representative government and substitutes must be found. Here is one solution

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