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Give Trump a Break!

January 14, 2017

Maybe, because I earned a BA and Ph.D. in Government, I pay more attention to news about politics than the average American. But, what I have seen during the recent campaign for a new President and after that election is very troubling.

Major cable news media including CNN, MSNBC, and broadcast programming for ABC and NBC news, were quite simply biased for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump. So thoroughly unprofessional is CNN that I cannot bring myself to watch Jake Tapper or Wolf Blitzer. I can’t remember the names of other news anchors except to say that the one and only exception at CNN is John King, chief national correspondent.

And now it is clear that our “professional” media executives intend to bring down this new President of the United States.

Since the 1960s, Time Magazine has always sided with America’s enemies, but now Time simply asserts, attacks and deplores Donald Trump and his supporters. There is no objectivity, no professional courtesy.

But, the worst of them all is MSNBC which is totally out of control. Even “Morning Joe”–hosted by former Florida GOP Congressman, Joe Scarborough, is beyond the pale. How much Joe grovels to please  his corporate employer, Comcast, for the big bucks he is paid is, quite simply, disgusting.

By the way, here’s a link to Comcast’s corporate website where it extols its company values and its statement about “Integrity.”  I watch MSNBC regularly and cannot see one iota of integrity in its news programming.

Needless to say, reading The New York Times or Washington Post is just too painful.

As we enter a new year with a new President of the United States, all I can say is “Give Trump a break.”

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