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How Bad is Higher Education?

January 18, 2017

Long ago, I concluded that American colleges and universities were bad for America. The Liberal bias of my professors, and the abuse I took as a conservative activist, led me to learn why this was the case.

In those days, there weren’t many places to go for support.  That has changed a lot in terms of access to information about the intellectual and spiritual rot at the center of American culture in its colleges and universities.  Here are some you can find online, if you want to learn more.

The College Fix         Campus Reform       Accuracy in Academia

Minding the Campus          National Association of Scholars 

Professor Watchlist            “Education” at the Conservative Firing Line

Add to this list such stalwarts as the Intercollegiate Studies Institute

and Young Americans for Freedom.  Browse these websites and you will have a very good sense that conservative values and aspirations have not been dimmed by the growth of the powers of the federal government and mismanagement by Republican Presidents from Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George W.H. Bush and, the biggest disaster for higher education, George W. Bush.

Clearly, American conservatives have not had much success translating their views into political power in the White House. And, maybe that’s the way it will always be. But, in order to sustain college students who affirm their religious faith or who truly want to achieve knowledge from their college studies, there aren’t many places in Academe where they can go.  After this election,  this should change.

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