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The “Forgotten” Conservatives

January 23, 2017

Donald Trump has patched together teams of persons assigned to prepare for a transition of governments, and has nominated persons to serve in his cabinet.  But, today a Presidential administration retains some 400 persons for service in positions that require Senate confirmation.

It seems that President Trump is digging into his list of personal business contacts for persons to fill top positions. But, there are a number of very senior, accomplished, conservatives whose names are not to be found in the President’s rolodex.

Here are just a few of these “forgotten” conservatives:

National Security                             Norman Bailey

Finance and economics                  John Rutledge 

Defense                                               John Lenczowski

Justice                                                  Roger Pilon

The States                                           Joseph Bast

Agriculture                                         Ron Williamson

Healthcare                                          Greg Scandlen  

Transportation                                  Nathan A. Benefield

Education                                           Neal McCluskey

Veterans                                              Mackubin Thomas Owens

Terrorism                                            John J. Tierney, Jr.

Environment                                      H. Sterling Burnett



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