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Trump has Bad News for Education

February 6, 2017

Like Supply-side Economic reforms, when it came to higher education reforms, it was clear that the new Trump Administration was a disappointment.

Trump is an agile practitioner of the art of dissembling and he has no interest in real Supply-side tax cuts that free capital for investment in new enterprises. It was clear also that “Trump University” was a fraudulent enterprise designed to use high pressure sales tactics to suck students interested in real estate investment training into investing more than $30,000 for the full treatment.

Trump owned more than 80% of Trump “University” and thus this “deal” wasn’t one in which he merely sold use of his name. But, like government about which Trump know zero, Trump knew nothing about training, nothing about the regulatory environment governing the offering of training and education programs and he stepped in it “big,” ultimately paying a fine of $25 million.

With a legacy like that, there wasn’t much good to be hoped for in the shape of much needed higher education reforms. When Trump’s Transition Team was announced, we all saw the writing on the wall and I immediately sent out an alert to conservatives who do care about higher education.

Today a Breitbart report by Dr. Susan Barry reveals the truly bad news about Education in a Trump Administration.  Read this and weep.

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