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John Bolton and AEI

February 18, 2017

The name of John Bolton, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, has been mentioned as a possible successor to National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn.

Bolton, was former Ambassador to the United Nations in the George W. Bush Administration and is considered a serious national security analyst.  On closer inspection, Bolton is not a serious analyst. He is a polemicist, scribbling diatribes whenever the occasion permits. He has published two books, one a 500-plus commentary on his experience as UN Ambassador and another a 48 page diatribe against Barack Obama.

One wonders if the Neoconservative war faction housed at AEI could come up with a more substantial candidate for NSC Advisor, but Bolton has his uses. He is seen frequently on Fox News–which President Trump watches–and he is a gifted purveyor of a forceful, imperial, American foreign policy.

Recently, in addition  to goofy pronouncements on Russian-American relations, President Trump has expressed concern about ISIS and vowed to destroy it. That has unsettled some because when campaigning for President only Donald Trump and Rand Paul spoke out against a militaristic foreign policy.

If going to war in the Middle East becomes part of a Trump Doctrine, John Bolton is his man.  Of course, after we invest more men and arms in fighting a radical version of Islam, what of the remainder of American foreign policy?  Do we prepare for war in Ukraine? Attack the hated mullahs in Iran, or, perhaps, tackle North Korea with a first strike?

The latter policy was recommended by none other than Jeb Bush and has been frequently mentioned in AEI and Fox News circles.

What might have been a time of consolidation of power, upgrading our military capabilities and thinking about American national security appears now to be on track to revive the failed imperial policies of President George W. Bush.

That will be good for business at AEI and for the war faction within the GOP.

Of course, as the end of four years of military engagements, the American people may once again become weary of war and throw the Trump Administration to the dogs that even now are barking out calls for Impeachment.




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