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Poop Picker in Chief

February 20, 2017

Taking care of elephants is a difficult job, but somebody has to do it, and it seems that Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, is designated to do President Trump’s picking up.

At the Munich Security Conference this week, the Vice President assured our European allies of the Trump administration’s support of NATO. Of course, as a candidate, Donald Trump raised more questions about NATO’s viability than how much each nation is contributing to a defense system established in 1949.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, American presidents did little to adjust to a new balance of power. James Baker, as Secretary of State in the W. H. Bush Administration, struggled to maintain contact with former Soviet leaders. President Clinton seemed disinterested in developing new defense systems that addressed cooperation with former Soviet satellite nations, and President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama did not commission a review of NATO operations.

To President Trump’s credit, he suggested that the “trigger” of military action against any country that attacked one NATO member was highly risky and committed the United States to engage in retaliatory actions for which it may not be prepared. But, that was the extent of the President’s policy, or suggested policy toward NATO.

Other NATO members heard his remarks, however, and became more than curious about what exactly American policy is.  Since there is no system in place to formulate foreign and defense policy, the Vice President is tasked as the chief poop picker upper.

From goofy notions of US/Russian relations, to unverified claims of  massive illegal voting and complaints of “fake news” to lack of focus in placing Trump appointees in key positions throughout the U.S. government, our businessman/President is running the American government like a business.

How long this will go on before this Administration crashes in flames is only a matter of time–or of military actions that distract the American people form a government out of control.



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