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Lincoln vs. Trump

February 21, 2017

Upon election as our sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln was not prepared for the confrontation at Ft. Sumter.

Here is David H. Donald summary of that time in his 1995 book titled “Lincoln.”

“The Senate had yet to confirm even his private secretary….None of his cabinet officers had been approved. His Secretary of State -designate had not yet agreed to serve, and Salmon P.  Chase had not even been informed of his nomination.  Lincoln needed all the help he could get because, as he freely admitted later, when he became President ‘he was entirely ignorant not only of the duties, but of the manner of doing the business’ in the executive office. He tried to do everything himself. There was no one to teach him rules and procedure, and he made egregious mistakes.”

Thus far, the difference between Lincoln, our sixteenth President, and Donald Trump, our forty-fifth President, is this: President Trump is not aware that he is more ignorant than President Lincoln. A classic entrepreneur, deal-maker, and gifted promoter, President Trump never served in government, has no concept of what it means to govern, and is engaged in running the U.S. government like his personal business.

What was for Lincoln a learning experience that compelled him to deal with reality, President Donald Trump has no concept of what he doesn’t know and assumes the next deal is just over the horizon.

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