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Marco Rubio fails the Millennials

February 22, 2017

Republican Town Hall meetings this week have been boisterous affairs with members of Congress confronted by angry constituents. Some that were televised indicate a large number of older citizens, all calling for continuation of Obamacare

Absent are the vaunted “Millennials” who are predicted to dominate future American politics. They are reported not to be active in politics, not to vote in off-year elections and even most Presidential elections.

Who can blame them? Those gray-haired complainers have supported a system of entitlements that has given comfort to their old age.  The most recent, Prescription Medicine subsidies, was imposed by President George W. Bush as he faced re-election in 2004.

Medicare was instituted by Lyndon Johnson in 1965 among his many Great Society pledges and Social Security by Franklin Roosevelt.

The current generation of Millennials are now burdened by Entitlements that assure they will not enjoy ease of retirement enjoyed by the many complainers at these Republican town hall meetings.

Shame of these elder citizens for burdening a younger generation with compulsory payments from payroll. No wonder the Millennials don’t vote, the system is rigged against them.

What is curious is why Marco Rubio or some other younger politician doesn’t seize on this injustice and call for reforms. Surely a percentage of Social Security taxes could be assigned to IRA retirement accounts!  When next President Trump needs a vote in the U.S. Senate, Rubio could demand concessions for younger Americans.

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