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Tax Cuts?

February 23, 2017

Businessmen tend not to be expert economists, so when Donald Trump campaigned on a  pledge of tax cuts, we who were born to the Supply-side Economics movement were skeptical. Supply-siders, Larry Kudlow and Steve Moore, made appearances on behalf of candidate Trump.  But, when key appointments were made, Kudlow and Moore were not among those chosen to fashion economic policy.

Yesterday, CNBC reported that Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin,

said the administration is “primarily focused on a middle income tax cut and a simplification for business.” Most independent analyses have estimated that Trump’s tax plan will benefit wealthy people much more than the middle class, and in November Mnuchin told CNBC that he wanted “no absolute tax cut for the upper class,” something Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., dubbed the “Mnuchin rule.”

There are a lot of “players” shaping tax policy in a Trump Administration and to get a good sense of what a good “Supply-side” tax policy should be, we have posted free access to Raymond Keating’s course on Supply-side Economics at

Take a look! We’ll keep access free until March 19.


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