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Alf Regnery on Presidential Appointments

February 26, 2017

For awhile, I thought I was the only voice warning that the Trump Administration was missing the point: government cannot be run like a business. But in Breitbart today, conservative veteran, Alf Regnery, issues a similar warning.

Anyone not a professional politician who is honored to serve at what is called the “PAS” level of a Presidential administration walks away having learned one thing: the permanent bureaucracy must be controlled by presidential appointees that require Senate confirmation. That’s a “PAS.”

The Trump Administration has focused on singular actions by President Trump, Executive Oders, personal meetings with heads of state, dignitaries and leaders of industry and not in nominating the some 400 PAS appointments necessary to control the bureaucracies.

That’s too bad, because for the balance of this year, “they” will run the Trump administration and into next year.


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