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Breaking–Prepare for Impeachment

March 14, 2017

President Trump’s displeasure with the decision by U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to recuse himself from any decisions dealing with allegations of the communications between the Trump campaign and Russia suggests that the President knows he is vulnerable.

A special prosecutor will look for evidence about personally damaging information about President Trump that was collected by Russian intelligence.

Unfortunately, there are two reasons to suspect that a special prosecutor will turn up damaging information.

First, tonight, Rachel Maddow devoted her program on MSNBC to examination of a two page purloined personal tax return of the President from 2005. Maddow made a good case that we should suspect that President Trump has ties to Russian interests that compromise his governance as President of the United States

Second. private citizen Trump did not exhibit the virtues and personal character of a future President of the United States. During my travels in the Czech Republic and Poland from 1987 to 1995, I became aware that these former Soviet satellite governments used prostitution to “reward” Party apparatchiks.

In that context, private citizen Donald Trump, a denizen of the Club Culture of New York and attracted to east European women, visited Moscow on business and may have let down his guard. If he did, it is highly likely that compromising conversations or videos of him were taken.

If they exist, and they are revealed in the process of the investigation by a special prosecutor, President Trump will be Impeached or forced to resign.

Let’s hope that will not happen, but the GOP leadership needs to be prepared, if it does

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  1. Wade permalink
    March 15, 2017 8:12 pm

    Dick, I am more upset with the decision made by Sessions because he (Sessions) did nothing wrong and, therefore, should have stood his ground. Secondly, I do not believe our political elites (there are plenty) are immune to the same honey-traps as those imposed upon business executives. We need not rifle through the hall of fame of politicians who have been subjected to numerous East Bloc felines. With that stated, it certainly could be a problem if Trump did, in fact, place himself in such a predicament. If true and for the good of the nation, he should make certain individuals are aware of the potential and devise an exit strategy. The difficulty in today’s world is that technology allows virtually anything to be edited, visual or audio.

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