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Will These Colleges Survive?

March 21, 2017

The University of Maryland, long a successful provider of distance learning degree programs, has begun to spin off aspects of university operations as for profit business enterprises. As reported by today, that is the beginning of  a move to survive declining enrollments that are beginning to adversely affect the bottom line of most colleges and universities that are dependent solely on income from tuition.

Here is a list of annual tuition and fees at Catholic colleges:

Annual Tuition/Fees

Though tuition at most of these institutions are lower than these “high end” colleges in Pennsylvania, they must begin to find ways to supplement income from other sources. If they begin now, they might survive the coming death of American higher education.

Bucknell $46,902
Haverford $46,790
Franklin & Marshal $48,414
Dickinson College $47,692
Swarthmore College $44,368
Gettysburg $47,480
Lehigh-undergraduate $44,520
Allegheny $40,260
Swarthmore College $44,368
Elizabethtown $39,920
Juniata $37,870
Moravian $35,991
Lycoming $34,016



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