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Penn State and Lawless Colleges

March 30, 2017

Former Penn State President, Graham Spanier’s, conviction on a misdemeanor child endangerment charge has not ended the damage done to Penn State. College alumni are defensive of their alma mater, but the Sandusky pedophile scandal at Penn State dragged that institution through the consequences for the worst of human actions, brought down a university President, and tarnished the reputation of legendary football coach, Joe Paterno.

Penn State is bigger than its football team, and maybe this scandal will place college sport at Penn State in perspective.

I wish this was the last scandal to affect American higher education but, unfortunately, there are enough instances of law breaking, sexual harassment, and ideological crimes committed by university administrators and faculty for more than one volume.

Are highly educated Americans more likely to commit crimes than ordinary Americans?

Bill Buckley once remarked that he would rather be governed by the first two thousand people in the Boston telephone directory than the faculty at Harvard..So, the answer may be “Yes.”

Certainly, political conservatives are in danger if by chance they find employment at American colleges and universities. That type of persecution has been present since the Great Depression wiped out Classical Liberalism from college curricula. So, for eighty years at least, the numbers of conservative scholars has declined to lowest levels in modern history–by design.

That alone should compel every thinking American to ask, “Is a college ‘education’ worth the cost?”



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