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George W. Bush

March 31, 2017

People magazine reports that former President George W. Bush made an obscene remark to describe President Trump’s inaugural address.  “W’s” earthy qualities endeared him to some voters, mostly from Texas, I suppose, but traditional conservatives blame Bush for destroying the Republican brand.

With little to no philosophical principles, “W” was motivated by his born-again Christian faith to justify the use of American military to expand democracy to Iraq thus returning to the democratic religion of President Woodrow Wilson.  “W” added a new Entitlement of prescription drugs and increased the federal bureaucracy by including TSA employees in the federal civil service and then spent more than all his predecessors combined, and on top of that “W” permitted surveillance of communications of American citizens, and, well, Doug Bandow makes a pretty good case against “W.”

The problem is that most Republicans are simple partisans; the Democrats are the bad guys and Republicans are the good guys. Even today, as in Colorado, GOP leaders parrot “W” as if imperial wars, big spending and expanding the federal bureaucracy is okay, if a Republican does it.  Unfortunately, “W” did destroy the Republican brand and contributed to conditions that led to the election of President Obama and, now, Donald Trump.

All this may be attributed to the obscenity that was the Administration of George W. Bush.

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