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A Grim View of America’s Prospects

April 1, 2017

My own view of the current political situation is quite grim. Republican leaders–state governors and legislators and members of the U.S. Congress–abdicated their responsibility to lead and ceded power to a celebrity candidate who promised a return to a New Deal, big government, welfare state.

In other words, the GOP ignored blue collar workers employed in manufacturing, farm and service workers, and members of the military who fought in the imperial wars of George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush and sided with big banks, big Pharma, and big Business. The old Cannae that the Republicans are for the wealthy was believed at the same time that Democrats engaged in a form of identity politics that repelled the electoral sympathies of New Deal Democrats.

Wait a minute, the New Deal was initiated with the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 who initiated actions by executive order and legislation that regulated securities transactions (SEC), labor relations (the Wagner Act), banking (FDIC) and retirement (Social Security).and sided with racial minorities.

For most Americans these programs shaped their understanding that government was a protective force but, as each aspect of this security net was challenged, they became insecure, fretful and despondent.

For some reason, the GOP did not pick up on these sentiments but blithely assumed that international trade, deregulation of banking and individual initiative would assure a prosperous and well-defended nation. Then the Banking Crisis of 2008 threw the American economy into a tailspin and political power was ceded to a radical Socialist, community organizer from Illinois, who appealed to the American sense of guilt for their imagined responsibility for their personal ill-treatment and discrimination against African Americans.

After eight years of President Barack Obama blue collar workers employed in manufacturing, farm and service workers, and members of the military recovered from their collective feelings of guilt and sought a return to the good old days when government provided a sense of,  and real, security. They turned to a Santa Claus figure who promised better healthcare at lower cost, a return of manufacturing jobs, the defeat of Islamic terrorism and expulsion of illegal immigrants from Mexico who were taking good jobs that belong to Americans.

That is not the view of James Pinkerton. Next, the not so grim view of James Pinkerton.

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