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Bring in the Adults

April 6, 2017

Barack Obama, a trained Marxist/Leninist, governed by executive order and other ways by which Presidents freely make policy without Congressional oversight. Obama didn’t even confer with Congress and, yet, was elected to a second term.

Hapless Republicans responded to Obama’s election in 2008 by nominating a liberal, former Governor of Massachusetts, with no emotional or political ties to the political base of the GOP and then ceded control of the GOP to a celebrity businessman from New York.

The GOP controls the U.S. Congress, but is led by a former Congressional staff person from Wisconsin who knows where the men’s rooms are, but not how to lead a national political party and a Kentucky moderate with no discernible political principles.

They are supported by a donor class of Republicans motivated to achieve their personal economic interests.

Though a return to the limited government established by the Constitution of the United States would place the United States on a necessary course of fiscal restraint at home and rejection of imperial foreign policies, only the Freedom Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives affirms that commitment.

Is it time to form a national Conservative Party? I asked that question in October of last year, and I think that question should be revived.

Reasons against doing that were made in 1967 when the Conservative Party of New York was founded by William F. Buckley, but political conditions in the United States have changed dramatically since then.

Back then there was a national two party tradition dominated by the GOP and Democrat Party.  Today the GOP is controlled by a New Deal Democrat, the Democrat Party is engaged in the politics of identity, transgender rights, and feminism, a GOP dominated Congress is divided into factions and has no fixed center. As a consequence the nation itself swings from extreme Left to a Republican Party with no fixed principles.

Dr. Angelo Codevilla describes our present predicament as follows:

America’s founders, steeped in history as few of our contemporaries are, were acutely aware of how easily factional enmities deliver free peoples into the hands of emperors. America is already advanced in this vicious cycle. The only possible chance of returning it to republicanism lies in not taking the next turn, and in not following one imperial ruler with another.

In other words, it’s time for the adults to assert control.

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