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Getting Close to the Bottom

April 13, 2017

I’m certain that “the bottom” of the current condition of civil society is not anything we ever want to experience, but we’re getting very close–maybe another five years and we’ll be in very deep doo doo.

I want to get a better sense of where we’re going, so I’m going to take a break from daily posts in order to finish a novel, and I have two serious books I need to read. One is by Jim Pinkerton titled What Comes Next and the other is by James Piereson titled Shattered Consensus. My interest in reading these two books was occasioned by my post on April 1 titled “A Grim View of America’s Prospects.”

The election of Donald Trump revealed a “leadership gap” in a GOP weakened by the destruction of the GOP brand by President George W. Bush. Until new leadership arises, the crisis in civil society will deepen. Why is civil society in crisis and will the United States survive the Presidency of Donald Trump?

While trying to find some answers to those questions, I’m going to hit the road giving presentations to groups interested in the coming death of American higher education. In two recent meetings, I learned a lot about people’s concerns and hopes. I hope to learn more.

Until I get through those two heavy tomes, I’ll be on an extended Easter Break from Facebook.  But, I’ll be reading your posts and enjoying life as your report it.

Happy Easter!


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