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When Medicare and Medicaid Die

July 3, 2017

The Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund is now projected to run out of resources in 2028 two years earlier than expected in 2015.

As reported by Rhode Island’s office of Health and Human Services, a reason is that “Medicaid has expanded beyond the traditional role of a safety net to become the principal source of health coverage.”

Americans with aging parents understand that Medicaid that pays for nursing home coverage is their only alternative, if their parents are unable to care for themselves.

The Manhattan Institute’s Yevgeniy Feyman observed in a NY Times OpEd that “Without reforms, the two programs are on course to either sink the economy through massive tax increases, or fray the safety net from draconian spending cuts.

Despite predictions that our system of healthcare Entitlements will fail within five years, the U.S. Congress has dropped the ball and cannot seem to pass legislation to address the problem.

One commentator, however, has a plan.

James Pinkerton, a former advisor to Presidents Reagan and G. W. H. Bush, writes in an essay in Breitbart that we can afford Medicare and Medicaid and ought simply to own up to paying their costs.

I’m not sure I agree with Pinkerton’s logic, or his conclusions, but if he’s right, the direction of healthcare in the United States will lead to greater direct investments in welfare programs that have been opposed by conservative Republicans.

How do we conservatives adjust our thinking to accept an even greater role for the federal government in our lives. Or do we continue to fight for individual freedom?

Take a look!

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