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Melania Trump and German Protesters

July 7, 2017

Many of us expected that Melania Trump was going to become an asset to the President. Born and raised in the former Soviet satellite nation of Slovenia, she apparently has no illusions about totalitarian ideologies.

She is also a practicing Christian and began a speech with the Lord’s Prayer. And her introduction of her husband at the monument of the Warsaw Uprising in Poland on Wednesday, July 5, was well done and without a script.

It is unsettling, therefore, that the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel has not adequately provided for Melania Trump’s security. ABC News reported this morning that her exit from a residence provided for her and President Trump was blocked by protesters.

One of the protesters interviewed by ABC News said “he came out to protest because Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other “fascist” leaders had arrived in his city. “I want them out,” he said. “I don’t want them here.”

Well, how long do we need to put up with the naiveté of Germany’s Chancellor?

The enormous protests in Hamburg during the G-20 could have been predicted, yet the German government’s planning was inadequate.

Inadequate? Every G-20 has been the occasion for rioting and violent Leftist protests.

Chancellor Merkel should make a formal apology.



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  1. July 7, 2017 2:33 pm

    I remember traveling to my native Slovenia in 2005 and seeing all the anti-Bush graffiti. In 1969, when I traveled there with my family, none of my relatives had plumbing. We watched the men landing on the moon in the house of the only family in the village that owned a television. We were standing in the back and everyone turned to us in awe, the “Americanci.” Even at age 12 I was so proud of my adopted country. In 2005, my cousins all had CNN beaming into their living rooms. Their kids could speak English and they all hated President Bush. I think you’re giving too much of the benefit of the doubt to Merkel. She is a commie through and through, just like most of the people in the government of Slovenia today–children and grandchildren of Tito’s henchmen.

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