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Cong. Mac Thornberry: Space Lunatic

July 15, 2017

Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry represents the 13h Congressional District and is Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee According to the Congressman’s website, The Armed Services Committee has the responsibility to oversee the Pentagon, all military services, and all Department of Defense agencies.  The 13th Congressional District is home to Sheppard Air Force Base and to a nuclear weapons assembly factory.

Congressman Thornberry’s position as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is important, powerful and requires steady resolve to defend the United States by assuring that our Armed Services are equipped and trained to fight the next war.

Why then is Congressman Thornberry pushing for creation of a Space Corps which is opposed by the Department of Defense?

I’ve been interested in America’s desire for space travel since first reading the study of NASA by Professor Walter McDougall’s Pulitzer Prize study of the the space industry, The Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age. Deep into McDougall’s book a careful reader will discover the connection between commerce in space and a will to master nature.

Now mastery of nature has a long history going back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth when Christianity has begun to lose its grip on the minds of Englishmen and another religion–“magic”–became popular. That fascination lingers today in our daily newspapers that feature “horoscopes” that pretend to predict the future. In other words, man’s desire to master nature is a substitute for the Christian love of God’s creation with the desire to become like God.

All this is serious stuff that I researched in my Development of Political Theory and which features a long chapter on political religion. You can read about that in Chapter Ten that has been posted online. Though my research took me as far back as the ancient Gnostics, there is a move in present day America by wealthy men who are engaged in constructing vehicles for space travel. Their motivations–not unlike those of magicians like John Dee–bear close observation.

I wrote about that on April 6 when I made note of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Paul Allen and Robert Bigelow. All are enormously wealthy and beginning to construct what promises to become a space tourism industry.

Is there a connection between their lunacy and Congressman Mac Thornberry? I intend to find out!

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