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Protecting the GOP and the Nation

July 21, 2017

American politics is rough and tumble and many are the rogues who enter the game.

Dennis Hastert, a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, has been released from prison for conviction of violating banking regulations. Speaker Hastert lied about withdrawals he made to pay a victim he had  sexually abused when he was a teacher and wrestling coach.

Speaker Hastert covered up his earlier crimes, yet served in the U.S. House of Representative and became Speaker of the House.

In the past, the steps to high office required election to municipal or state offices from which worthies could then aspire to higher state or federal office.

Unfortunately, our political parties have lost their motivating principles and other considerations–apart from political philosophy–tend to dominate. Many are successful because of good looks (Clinton), family wealth (Rockefeller) and celebrity (Trump). Those features differentiate the “comers” from the ordinary rank and file politicians.

When that happens to a national Party, as it did in 1993 and  2016, it may be time to consider requiring that national Party candidates for high office make public their medical history, birth certificates, tax returns, college transcripts and misdemeanor convictions such as DUI.

For example, it is clear that the current President of the United States reads with difficulty.  Policy papers and other documents such as drafts of legislation are left unread.  Watching cable television is not a good substitute. If we had access to Donald Trump’s college transcripts, we might have detected that the President was dyslexic and a marginal student, at best.

Or, had the Republican Party required that candidates for the Presidency be examined by a qualified group of physicians, as opposed to taking the word of Donald Trump’s personal physician, that disability might have been detected.

And, had the Party required release of tax returns for the past five years of every candidate for federal office, we would not now face a possible revelation of deep financial ties by the President of the United States to Russian oligarchs.

Those measures will deter a repeat of the immediate past Presidential nomination race, but still leave the American people open to a transformation of American national politics into a multi-party system much like what prevails in Europe. The two party system is on its last legs and politics in the United States is due for a major realignment.

I suggest that we political conservatives begin by forming a national Conservative Party.

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