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Nine Men Who Can Save President Trump

July 28, 2017

During the Administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, something happened to the Republican Party. By 2016 when candidates for the Republican nomination for President stepped forward, only two stood out from the pack.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and real estate magnate, Donald Trump, resisted the temptation to advocate another round of military engagements in order to address instability in the Middle East.

All the others were on record (Santorum, Rubio, Walker, Kasich, Gilmore, Christie, Fiorina, Huckabee) for continuing the policy of imperial wars of the Administration of George W. Bush. The worst of the lot was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who was prepared to bring back the imperial warriors of his brother’s disastrous conduct of Middle East policy.

The surprise winner of the GOP nomination and even greater surprise winner of the 2016 election was a candidate who had no previous government experience and whose only military service was as a cadet at New York Military Academy which, one former graduate observed, attracted bullies from Queens and other boroughs of New York city.

That experience was, apparently, salutary for the future President who selected Generals and Admirals to serve in his Administration’s Department of Defense and National Security Council. His frequent appearance at military installations, and even a Boy Scout Jamboree, set a new–military friendly–tone for a Presidential Administration.

Unfortunately, the President’s  reading disability affected his knowledge of foreign and national security policy and contributed to his lack of familiarity with conservative experts in these fields.  When he selected his Secretary of State, he chose another millionaire businessman and then left him high and dry without appointees with expertise in the many international areas where the United States is vulnerable.

Later this summer, U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson is likely to resign in frustration, and the U.S. Department of State will be manned by career foreign service bureaucrats whose primary loyalty is to the foreign service.

The term “Officers,” short for members of the career Foreign Service, was a casual joke among national security experts in previous Republican Administrations, yet President Trump has done nothing that might stop the laughing about what passes for foreign policy in a Trump Administration.

The President is captive to his business experience, limited reading, and willingness to take high risks–without doing the hard work of professional analysis.

On January 23 and February 17, I composed a list of conservative experts that the President had “forgotten” or never understood existed. The latter list was compiled by a George Mason University professor who organized a group of scholars and writers who supported Donald Trump. Today, seven months into the Trump Administration, not a single expert listed has been nominated for service at State, Education, Defense, the National Security Council, Homeland Security nor any other agency that conservatives believe are essential to secure our national security.

Clearly, one of two things will occur:  Either this President will suffer a massive setback in foreign policy and be driven from office or he will get the message and bring aboard his Administration conservativess who will be loyal–and know their stuff.

Here are the names of nine experts who can save this President from failure:

On China, Mike Pilsbury, Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute.

On Russia, Herman Pirchner, founding President of the American Foreign Policy Council with ties to Speaker Newt Gingrich

On missile defense, Angelo Codevilla, intelligence expert and political theorist whose recent book, The Ruling Class, is an indictment of the Washington, DC power elite.

On international relations, Jack Tierney, professor of International Relations at the Institute of World Politics.

On National Security, William Schneider served on the staff of U.S. Senator from New York, James Buckley, and was a former Undersecretary of State for Security Assistance.

On Public Diplomacy, Robert Reilly, former head of Voice of America, is a public diplomacy professional and author of books on homosexuality, Islam and music.

On International Economics, Ambassador Richard McCormack, is a former Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs.

On the Muslim world, Ilan Berman, American Foreign Policy Council,  is an expert on the world’s 1.6 million Muslims living in four countries–none of which is in the Middle East.

On Communist China, Jeffrey Smith, expert on the People’s Republic of China and the current South China Sea disputes.

I believe that only one of the above is a multi-millionaire.


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