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Totalitarians at CNN and NBC

August 13, 2017

This passage from Rousseau’s Social Contract undermined political order in the West and created the conditions for the growth of totalitarian regimes..

Whoever refuses to obey the general will shall be constrained to do so by the entire body politic, which is only another way of saying that his fellows shall force him to be free.

Because of such passages, and the general structure of his political system, Rousseau has been called a “totalitarian democrat. ” The name is paradoxical because a democrat is supposed to honor freedom, while a totalitarian honors it not at all

Yesterday and today, Jake Tapper on CNN and Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, exemplified totalitarian democrats at their best.

What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia on the campus of the University of Virginia was “domestic terrorism.”

Casual observers might have asked why the campus police, the police of the City of Charlottesville and Gov. McAuliffe had not prepared properly for what was clearly going to be a riot.   Had they not witnessed the rioting at University of California-Berkeley where university administrators refused to control the rioters? Are they not aware of the existence of anarchists, many wearing black masks, who show up at scenes of rioting and assure that violent actions will occur?

Apparently not at CNN nor at NBC.  At CNN a totalitarian democratic rant was heard for hours calling all persons in authority and Americans watching cable news on CNN to declare that they wished, in Rousseau’s words, to be forced to be free.

Forcing anyone who appeared on NBC programming, including National Review’s Rich Lowry and Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, to declare their agreement that what happened in Charlottesville was domestic terrorism ignored that the police and state authorities failed to contain a riot.

We are now at that point where we must bend and adopt the appropriate position of submission to an ideology that all men must be forced to be free to believe the same idea. Of course, what is absent in this are the consequences of forcing anyone to believe an ideology. The University of Virginia and other colleges and universities are already centers of indoctrination of students in Politically Correct ideas. And when that has not had the appropriate reaction, perhaps, will UVA, UC-Berkeley, and other ideological outposts commence a series of political trials and force recalcitrants to admit their guilt?

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