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Make that “8 Ways” to Contain the PRC

August 14, 2017

Americans have been distracted by rioting on the campus of one of the United States’ premier research universities. But the threat of nuclear war between North Korea and the United States should be a major concern. In that  context, two days ago I argued that the solution was to engage in a strategy that compels the People’s Republic of China to become a normal political regime.

We cannot continue to permit them to  sit idly by while North Korea grows its ballistic missile forces and threatens to use them against the United States.

The willingness of the PRC to tolerate a nuclear arsenal to be assembled near its border with North Korea is not “normal.”

It is motivated by military institutions designed to carry out the domestic and international goals of Communist ideology.  Once the United States understood what that ideology meant, but we were lulled into accepting Communist domination of China by government policies designed to play off the PRC against the Soviet Union.

Acceptance of that policy led to diplomatic recognition of the PRC and demotion of the Republic of China on Taiwan to a list of pariah states that included South Africa and Israel.

The PRC became a “friend,” in the eyes of some politicians who should have known better and we began to facilitate the economic recovery of a China destroyed by Mao tse-tung’s ideology.

There are seven ways to begin to move the PRC into a more normal condition of nation states and I outlined what they were in this essay. I want now to add another method, the eighth way to change the balance of power in Asia.

Across our great country are military bases and near those bases are commercial companies that service the domestic and international markets. Many are not defense related but their proximity to military installations makes them useful for purposes of espionage.

Four years ago, Smithfield Foods, a producer of pork products, was sold to a PRC company for $4.2 billion. Pork products are not defense related, but Smithfield, Virginia is located near major military installations in what is called “Hampton Roads.”  Those installations include the U.S. Seals based at Little Creek, Norfolk Naval Station, the Yorktown nuclear weapons depot, and other sensitive military bases.

How could the PRC insert agents onto those bases. One way would be to own and operate a commercial company nearby.

Number 8 in ways to contain the PRC is to deny the purchase of any commercial venture within 250 miles of a U.S. military base.

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