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Bannon is gone, the Realignment begins

August 18, 2017

The radical style of Andrew Breitbart signified the presence of intellectuals in the Conservative “Movement” who adhered to some conservative principles, but were enamored of Lenin’s tactics.  I call them “Conservative Leninists” because they lack interest in morality, religion, or tradition.

They, like most Neoconservatives, are interested in power, first, and what passes for conservative principles, second.

Opposition to Illegal immigration disguised Breitbart’s animosity to non-European immigrants. Tariffs that the Libertarian right opposed were valuable because “free trade” exposed America’s failure to compete with cheap imports.

American industry, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t attract the best and brightest intellects. What else explains the inability of the American steel industry to adjust to new methods of steel production. Or what else explains the swift kick in the teeth that Japanese car manufacturers gave to Detroit automakers.

We won World War II, but lost a trade war with Japan.

And now, “Made in China” is prevalent in every aspect of commerce.

Lack of leadership by the GOP led to the election–twice–of a radical socialist President, Barack Obama.

Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bannon understood from the actions of President Obama that traditional “conservatism” was a dead turkey.  Bannon latched on to Donald Trump and gave him a message that reinforced Trump’s instincts.

President Trump will now try to get along without the advice of Bannon and will turn to the Generals he so fondly admires.  They–McMaster, Kelly, Mattes–will appeal to the President’s love of the military, but will miss the political aspects of the American Presidency.  Nothing will be accomplished with Congress, the GOP may lose its majority in the House and Mitt Romney will wage a primary campaign in 2019 and give an opening for Democrats to win the White House in 2020.

Realignment of our two Party system is well underway.



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