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Leftists at CNN

August 20, 2017

In 1980, Ted Turner founded a 24-hour cable news television network that we call “CNN.” Turner, a quirky billionaire, like President Donald Trump, lacks a traditional philosophy rooted in church, country and morality. But Turner had a grounding in the intellectual foundations of Western civilization when, as a student at Brown University, he chose “Classics” as his major.

When Turner founded CNN conservatives were sympathetic to Turner’s goal of “objective” reporting. It became clear very soon that it is not possible to staff a news enterprise with journalists In the United States and sustain objectivity in reporting.  Turner lost control of CNN after merging his company with Time Warner. That proved to be a fateful alliance of Turner’s commitment to objective reporting with the Left ideologies that dominate commercial news.

Time Magazine was founded by anti-communist Republican, Henry Luce, in 1922. That was followed by the founding of Fortune magazine in 1930. Luce was hated by President Franklin Roosevelt who retaliated for Time’s criticism by prohibiting media executives from visiting combat zones.

Luce retaliated by endorsing conservative Republican policies and giving depth to Time’s reporting by the appointment of former Communist Party apparatchik, Whitaker Chambers, as Foreign News editor in 1944.

No “owner” of a media enterprise can long control the Leftists who become “journalists,” and since the late 1960s (Henry Luce died in 1967), Time Magazine has sided with America’s enemies. It is in keeping with that direction that Time and its television property, CNN, attacks and deplores Donald Trump and his supporters. There is no objectivity, no professional courtesy, given.

This morning sitting in for John King’s Inside Politics on CNN, Nia Malika Henderson read a Tweet of President Trump that referred to “crooked Hillary Clinton.” Henderson omitted “crooked” when she read the Tweet.

Henderson “has an undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology from Duke University, and graduate degrees from Yale University in American studies and Columbia University in journalism.”

If you were looking for a Leftist to staff your team of “journalists,” and not fully report the “news,” look no further than one who studied anthropology as an undergraduate, studied “American Studies” in grad school and then went on to study journalism at Columbia University.

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