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Time For a National Conservative Party

August 22, 2017

Like all Americans, I am proud of our military services, their traditions and their loyalty to the United States Constitution.

But, President Donald Trump has granted significant control of White House operations and defense policies to former Generals.

James N. Mattis, Secretary of Defense

H.R. McMaster, National Security Advisor

John Kelly, Chief of Staff

Why would a President do that? The answer is clear:  President Trump is ignorant of the personalities that made the conservative movement, knew very little about how Congress conducts policy, and had no idea about whom to appoint to key positions in government agencies.

President Trump is a celebrity with no experience in elective office nor administration of government.

Moreover, if President Trump expected to be elected, he would have put together an administration during his campaign or immediately upon election. As reported by the the Partnership for Public Progress, President Trump has been negligent in filling key positions in government agencies and has brushed off that criticism by saying “We have too many people.”

He placed his son-in-law and daughter on the White House staff, made a former Trump Administration secretary/gopher head of White House Communications and turned to former Generals to run the White House and the U.S. Department of Defense.

If anyone thought that was “normal,” they should take another look at the Trump Administration and our current two Party system.

A realignment of the two Party system is underway and now is the time for political, social and economic conservatives to create a national Conservative Party and compete with a “Trump Party,” the Internationalist GOP led by Mitt Romney and John Kasich, and the Democrat Party.

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