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Defeating the “Kingdom”

September 13, 2017

Though the Kingdom of the Progressive Left has had more than a century to capture the main institutions that shape American society, that history is also its greatest weakness.

Anything routed in social conditions of a century ago is open to weakening by new conditions.

Major media, the universities are the two main institutions by which the Left controls not only the dialogue, but also places its minions in positions where that influence can be expanded.

How can that dominance be challenged, upset and replaced?

The seed of an answer lies in attempts by conservative entrepreneurs.

On December 6, 1993, Paul Weyrich, founder of the Free Congress Foundation, launched National Empowerment Television.

Organized as a cable television service with content provided by leading conservative institutions, National Empower Television sought to confront the Left media on its own terms. National Empowerment Television was important because it showed that there were influential leaders and financial backers who saw a problem and wanted to do something about it. That effort also gave opportunity to young conservatives to gain experience in television production, marketing and on-air roles.

In 1977, another conservative entrepreneur, M. Stanton Evans, began the National Journalism Center that for forty years has provided an alternative education opportunity for young conservatives seeking careers in journalism. University Communication Departments are host to radical Leftists who indoctrinate future journalists and infect Schools of Journalism with Progressive ideology. The National Journalism Center is a way to get an education for a career in journalism without Leftist indoctrination.

And in 2000, seeking to use new Internet technology to enter the higher education market, I founded Yorktown University as a way to bypass the Left university. This month, a history of that effort has been published by St. Augustine’s Press.

These 20th century efforts to defeat the Left in cable television, print journalism and university education point the way to defeating the Left Kingdom in the 21st century.

How can that be done?

It seems that Steve Bannon and the Mercer Family are working to found a cable television network. A new cable network will be formed, if not by Bannon then by others, to counter the Left at MSNBC, CNN and a failing Fox News.

A bevy of “citizens” media venues are replacing major print media institutions such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine. Their names are too many to list here but they include Drudge, Washington Examiner, Newsmax, Free Beacon, Daily Caller and Breitbart.

The habit of reading the Left media is now being challenged forcefully.

The foundations of higher education, where the Left University dominates, are very old and showing extreme signs of wear. The system of “accreditation” blocks the use of new technologies that can offer equivalent education products at substantially lower cost. Only a few regulatory reforms will open floodgates to new entrepreneurial education ventures and force closure of at least a thousand colleges. Today college level courses can be offered for less than $20 each.

The Kingdom of the Left can be destroyed.



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