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Kim Jong Un’s Swiss Prep School

October 9, 2017

The Communist leader of North Korea went to a Swiss preparatory school. Here’s that school’s “Mission Statement.”

                  Mission Statement Liebefeld Steinhölzli
The company school The school Liebefeld Steinhölzli as a company. This is a basic idea of ​​our new mission statement. As in every company, the production factors form the basis for the processes and thus for the products offered. A special feature of the “company” school is that the students on the one hand are the customers, but on the other hand also belong to the production factors, which can have a significant influence on the processes and products.
layout Production factors and processes of the company’s school are presented without claiming completeness, in the left and middle column. The products are listed on the right.
basic principle “We produce quality” is the guiding principle, a concentration of our considerations and our ultimate goal. Of course, this claim applies to our products. It also means that we work on the production factors or the processes to influence the quality of our products.
Dealing with the mission statement The guiding principle enables us to orient ourselves at all times and to achieve a balanced quality development. Our strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed and networked. Goals can be derived from this.
implementation Our mission statement is to be understood dynamically and remains open for change. A claim, which we also as a school to us. We are convinced that we will come closer to implementing the vision of our vision of being a good school.



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