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Sen. Coburn says Trump is Mentally Ill

October 26, 2017

Former Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) believes that President Donald Trump has a personality disorder. Since Dr. Coburn is an obstetrician, unless delivery of babies gives him insights into human personality, it’s clear that he is off-base.  If he were a trained psychologist and President Trump was his patient, Dr. Coburn might make some intelligent conclusions.  But, he’s not and he’s simply acting out.

There are problems that Donald Trump has encountered including what appears to be a form of dyslexia that makes reading difficult. President Trump compensates by heightening his audio and eye-learning abilities. But that presents problems. You can only learn so much from listening and watching TV.

Drafting legislation requires detailed knowledge of legislative proposals. That type of detail eludes the President, so he cannot advocate policy in an informed way that would come from reading.

As a former college professor, I have had students who couldn’t write and count, and many came from public schools where they were simply passed on from year to year with no remedial training.

Trump is a bit different. He is very intelligent and somehow was admitted to and graduated from a military academy where he seems to have acquired an appreciation for military officers.

He did not go to West Point, however, which suggests his reading disability affected his grades.

He went to Fordham University, but stayed only two years. The required courses at Fordham during the years he was there were formidable. in his Freshman Year he was required to complete 16 credits in English, Sociology and Theology. In his Sophomore Year he was required to complete 12 credits in English and Philosophy. Had he continued at Fordham, he was required to complete 6 credits in a Modern Language, 6 credits in History, 6 credits in Math or 8 credits in Natural Science. My guess that after two years, Trump decided to leave Fordham or Fordham asked him to leave.

He then, somehow, was admitted to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. How he got through Wharton is anyone’s guess and President Trump, like President Obama, has not released his undergraduate transcripts.

All this suggests that the President’s ability to lead negotiations on legislation between now and 2018 is impaired.

Whether failure to pass tax reform and healthcare legislation will lead to significant losses in the 2018 Congressional elections is difficult to say. In “off year” elections, sitting Presidents always experience some losses.  But, without serious opposition from credible Democrat nominees, don’t count Trump out.

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