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General Tump

November 3, 2017

Presidents, in addition to managing the federal government, build a cadre of leaders for his successors. It is very important, therefore, that President Trump use his nomination powers to recruit persons of knowledge and conservative principles.

Placing younger Americans, ages 35-45, in responsible positions gives them government experience and standing they can use to grow their careers after government service and make them acceptable for Cabinet nominations later. In the case of National Security and foreign affairs, political appointments today to the Department of Defense and the State Department, the Agency for International Development, and the intelligence services are an investment in future Presidential administrations.

A President cannot know everyone in the pipeline of conservative talent and commitment, but he can call on persons who do and, more important, he can retain them for service in key positions in the Executive Office of the President.

This morning, MSNBC, and other cable news networks, covered President Trump as he boarded Air Force One.  Following the President and the First Lady after they boarded the plane was a cohort of military personnel.

Is that the future that General Trump is creating for the United States?

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