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Turmoil in Politics

November 11, 2017

President Trump gave two important speeches during his Asian tour, one in China and another in an address in Vietnam to a meeting of the APEC summit.

State Dinner in China

Address in Vietnam to APEC

His themes were consistent:  “For many years, the United States systematically opened our economy with few conditions.”

Unfortunately, because these speeches occurred the week of elections for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey and were made very late in the evening for East Coast viewers seeking to follow the President’s remarks, coverage during the day on MSNBC and CNN did not focus on foreign policy and trade.

The focus of our “major media” was not on the President’s Asian tour, but on the stunning defeat of Virginia Republican candidate for Governor, Ed Gillespie, in Virginia, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump Administration, his focus on Gen. Flynn and other spicy aspects of American politics including Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, arose from his lethargy and gave some interviews and held a press conference on upcoming tax legislation.  One of the reasons that the U.S. House and Senate are held in little regard is because both Houses stick to legislation and do not engage in shaping the news.

Nor does it help the popular image of Congress when Committee Chairmen speak about legislation they are developing since they are not trained media personalities, many are quite old and, frankly, ugly. The frequent appearance of old, bald, men doesn’t enhance the image of the People’s House. The Majority Leader of the Senate is another tired old man.

Meanwhile, it is clear that Mueller will seek indictments of former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and his son and it is likely that he will trap other Trump campaign officials in a web of lies and illegalities.

Looking forward into 2018 we see a pretty bleak outlook including  possible indictments of members of the immediate family of President Trump,  loss on control by the GOP of the U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional elections in November, and an expulsion vote in the U.S. Senate, if Roy Moore is elected to the Senate from Alabama.

It seems clear that Roy Moore’s calluses are very thick and those of the voters of Alabama even thicker, but Congress can expel one of its members for cause. The case establishing that principle in Constitutional Law dealt with the expulsion of New York Representative, Adam Clayton Powell.

All in all, we’re in for more turmoil in American politics.

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