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When your Church abandons you

November 13, 2017

City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute, has published an essay on the abandonment by Catholic colleges and universities of their religious identities. The author, Anne Hendershott, a professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville, observes that this loss of faith has been underway for decades.

Aroused Catholic alumni and alumnae, Hendershott writes, have organized groups “to combat what they view as the secularization of their campuses—including, among others, the 1887 Trust at Gonzaga University and Alumni for a Catholic University of San Diego. Even Notre Dame graduates, historically among the most faithful (and generous) alums in the country, created the Sycamore Trust in 2006….”

And there are some signs that a residue of philosophic Catholic thought endures in the curriculum of a handful of colleges–but not many–and all, like every campus-based college and university have high cost tuition. The decline of Catholic higher education is evident also in declining vocations, a high incidence of pedophilia among priests, and the doctrine of “Social Justice” that replaced the Aristotelian-based inquiries of St. Thomas Aquinas in all but a few Catholic Departments of Philosophy.

But, every once and awhile you can see Catholic efforts to retain the old or discover new ways to honor the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A seminar on Personalism  at Franciscan University, a summer seminar at St. Thomas at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY, and in the college courses of faithful Protestant Christians at Regent University and Liberty University who do not mock Christ.

But, unfortunately, “mainline” Catholic colleges “sold out” many years ago and today service an increasing number of Catholics who don’t care what their children are taught so long as they can get into Medical and Law School or “get a good job.”  In time, this situation will change when regulations change that support high cost tuition at American colleges. When will that occur?  I predict in my new book that this will occur very soon.

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