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Issues that Worry Us

November 24, 2017

Three areas of concern worry us as we wait for more indictments by Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. No matter how many persons from the Trump for President campaign or in the Trump Administration are indicted doesn’t matter. The Trump Administration is but a blip in a larger revolutionary cycle.

My former classmate, Dr. Angelo Codevilla, has put this in perspective in a short essay published at American Greatness. “In 2020, the Republican presidential nomination will not be worth having.” Dr. Codevilla’s theme has been constant since he published The Ruling Class in 2010.

There is a ruling class that can be found in both political parties, in corporate America, the universities and media that disdain the interests of the nation and seek perpetuation of their own power.

Codevilla believes that the 2016 election transcended Donald Trump and represented a reaction against this ruling class. That was only the beginning and though we don’t  know where this will lead, it is certain that the GOP nominee for President in 2020 will come in third!

In other words, we are living in revolutionary times and our electoral process will lead to surprising electoral outcomes that cannot solve America’s deeper problems.

Here’s a list of our concerns by categories:


1) The indictment of disgrace of the Trump Administration leading to

2) Rejection of GOP candidates in the 2018 Congressional elections

3) Impeachment resolution passes the U.S. House of Representatives

National Security:

1) Ronald Reagan’s plan for space-based missiles was defeated and the U.S. is vulnerable to attack

2) North Korea is a surrogate for the People’s Republic of China and is being used to bludgeon nations in the Pacific, especially Japan, to kow tow to the interests of communist China

3) Russia economy is weak, but Russia’s new oligarch knows what weaknesses in the West can be exploited and will engage in a well-planned strategic effort to subject former satellites of the Soviet Union to Russian domination. Ukraine is central to economic recovery of Russia and Putin will move to capture Ukraine and return it to Russia.

4) The radical Islamic regime in Iran will do everything it can to dominate South Asia.


1) moral laxity and decline plagues the United States and Western Europe

2) the U.S. Supreme Court has been responsible for much immorality going as far back as the first “Prayer” decision then Roe v Wade and the most recent affirmation of a new sexual morality visible in claims of homosexuals and Americans who elect to change their sexuality

3) loss of influence of Protestant and Catholic religion and

4) domination of our college and universities by Leftist Progressives.

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