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Trump’s Four Enemies

November 26, 2017

President Trump has four enemies, but only two are prepared to strike. His enemies are the People’s Republic of China, the radical Islamic regime in Iran, Putin’s Russia and Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

Though the PRC is a major threat to American interests in Asia and has supported the development of ballistic missiles by North Korea, the PRC has always played a long term game. In the short term, they miscalculated by not anticipating President Trump’s election. With three American aircraft carriers placed within striking distance of North Korea, the PRC will not strike Taiwan, nor will it attempt to destroy the economy of Japan–not now.

The regime in Iran fears President Trump’s propensity to act in ways that cannot be predicted and will withhold aggression against Saudi Arabia–for now.

Robert Mueller, however, is poised to strike and will bring indictments against former National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn and Flynn’s son and move against the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and son, Trump, Jr.

Vladimir Putin will strike to recover Ukraine and draw back an independent Ukraine into greater Russia. That will present President Trump with his first major national security crisis. Much will depend on how badly Robert Mueller’s indictments have injured the President and whether Putin has incriminating information that will bring down the Trump Administration. Given President Trump’s weakness toward Russia thus far, before the 2020 Presidential election, the United States may face simultaneous Impeachment of the President, succession of Vice President Pence and demands for military action to protect Ukraine.


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