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Three Who Can Replace Donald Trump

November 30, 2017

Even before President Trump began making ill-considered comments and Tweets, I was fearful that a Trump Presidency would destroy the GOP and damage the conservative movement for at least ten years. On Election Day 2016, I went to the polls divided between my Party and what I feared for my country.

I voted for my Party, but for the past year I have watched the antics of President Trump. Much of what he has said, needed to be said, though maybe not in the style of a man unmindful of where he was speaking.

The annual Al Smith dinner of the Archdiocese of New York is designed to put politics aside, make a few self-effacing jokes, and celebrate what we hold in common.  In what is Donald Trump’s style–never to miss an opportunity to attack–Donald Trump let loose and, for the first time in memory of these charity dinners, was booed.

Of course, I loved it when he attacked the media, said “hello” to his old friend Chuck Schumer, who was now his enemy, and made fun of Hillary. But, that was not the place nor the way to honor Al Smith and the works of charity celebrated at this dinner.

I also liked his Inaugural Address, and his speech at the United Nations said things that needed to be said.

But, Donald Trump is a “celebrity,” a person known for his well-knowness, and not known for his knowledge of government, how it operates nor for understanding of whom to appoint to the many sub-cabinet posts that can make or break a Presidential Administration.

In other words, Trump’s Presidency is a failure in terms of governing and, in terms of politics, he will put all Republicans running for election in 2018 at risk and he will lose the 2020 Presidential election.

In other words, if conservatives want a place in American politics they must organize now and find a leader to challenge President Trump in the 2019 primary contests for the GOP nomination. If any choose to challenge Donald Trump for the Presidential nomination, they also will have to run against former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, as well as Donald Trump.

Here are the names of three candidates to succeed Donald Trump as President of the United States:

Governor Eric Greitens, Missouri, age 43, is a graduate of Duke, a Rhodes Scholar and a former Navy Seal. Greitens is worth keeping in mind because of the crisis at the University of Missouri brought to light when Communication Professor Melissa Click was fired. Greitens would be our first Jewish president.

Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4), age 53, was a champion wrestler in high school and at the University  of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied Economics. Jordan is a former Chairman and co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus. He is from rural north central Ohio. Though Ohio Republicans tend to be moderates, not conservatives, Jordan is the real thing.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), age 40, is the youngest U.S. Senator. A graduate of Harvard College where he earned a B.A. and a J.D. degree,. More important, Cotton attended a program of the conservative Claremont Institute and studied in the M.A. degree program at Claremont University. Achieving the rank of Second Lieutenant, Cotton attended the U.S. Army Airborne School as well as Ranger School and Air Assault School.

Each brings strengths and weaknesses to national politics.

Jim Jordan’s rural Congressional District has none of the sources of wealth he’ll need for national politics.

Eric Greitens has yet to prove his conservative credentials, and much will depend on whether he tackles the Left University at Missou.

Tom Cotton is probably the best of these three in terms of his knowledge of government and conservative philosophy, but he hails from the deep South state of Arkansas. His rumored appointment to replace Mike Pompeo at CIA is a plus, but probably puts him on ice for the balance of the Trump Administration.

Have I missed anyone?  Yes, Sen. Rand Paul.



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