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Political Correctness at Reuters

December 8, 2017

Fed-up with mainline media, I’ve been viewing Google and Yahoo News, Drudge, Washington Examiner, NewsMax and today, Reuters.

You can scratch Reuters from your search for unbiased news. In today’s news report, two PC “journalists,” Jonathan Landay and Walter Strobel, report on action taken by Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coasts, to better regulate the process of “unmasking” during Presidential transition periods.

These worthies, Landay and Strobel, write:

The move follows unsubstantiated charges by President Donald Trump and his allies that his predecessor’s administration spied on Trump and improperly “unmasked” the identities of his associates during the 2016 presidential campaign and transition.


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers engaged in “unmasking” of 260 people during the last days of the Obama Administration. When called to testify, she said, “I didn’t do it,” someone used her access.

Perhaps the owners of Reuters, a division of the Toronto-based media company Thomson Reuters should ask Landay and Strobel to visit Toronto and explain how “unsubstantiated” were those charges that the Obama Administration “unmasked” the identities of Trump campaign officials.

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