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Delenda est Carthago

December 17, 2017

Those of us fortunate to have taken a course in the history of ancient Rome will remember Cato the Elder who would end every speech with the words, “Carthage must be destroyed.” When, finally, the Romans destroyed Carthage, they sowed the ground with salt so that nothing would grow there ever again.

It’s clear to me that to say we conservatives “lost’ higher education is an understatement. We ceased educating our own leadership when we did not replace the W. W. II generation of conservative scholars.

Today we need new accredited universities that can educate our own leaders, not merely the general public.

This is an argument that I’ve stated as far back as the 2009 PhillySoc meeting in Indianapolis and in all the PR put out by Yorktown University beginning in 2000.

We have some great programs at two or three universities: the Foreign Policy Research Institute at Penn, the Claremont Institute at Claremont, and the politics department at Catholic University. But, our position in the Academy has been seriously weakened since “the old days.”

Back then, if you wanted to enter teaching, you looked for a Ph.D. program with three conservative faculty. Today, you’re lucky if you can find one conservative professor in a History or Political Science Department.

This is a condition that can be remedied over the next twenty-five to fifty years–but not before. Those great estates with hundreds of millions of dollars accumulated by the Richardson Merrill family, Shelby Cullom Davis, the Coors and the Mercer families and the Koch brothers could turn the tide by starting their own research universities. Instead, when “conservative” education is mentioned, they seem satisfied to recite the names of Hillsdale College, or Grove City.

If you’re concerned about this indolence, you may find this presentation that was webcast from the studios of the Family Research Council on December 5 interesting.

Peter Wood and I gave presentations on “Anti-Americanism” in American higher education. After viewing our presentations, you may agree that Delenda est Carthago should be our attitude toward the domination of higher education by the Left.






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