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Donald Trump’s “Racism”

January 14, 2018

President Trump’s derogatory remark about Haiti and other countries (in front of members of the opposition) has caused a wave of criticism that the President of the United States is “racist.” He is not. But, opposition to immigration of non-European nationals is a key aspect of Trump’s politics.

To find why, we must go back in time to London, England in the late 1960s. Indian Sikh’s were visible on British transit as bus drivers and Council Housing that had served the white British working class was roiled by the admission of non-white immigrants from the Dominions.

A Conservative member of Parliament, Enoch Powell, took a stand against immigration that attracted the support of British workers who had never supported Conservative politicians, but felt threatened by the influx of immigrants. When the Conservative Party won the 1970 general election, Powell’s supporters claimed that Powell’s stance on immigration guaranteed the Conservative victory.

Donald Trump is our Enoch Powell.

Trump, like Powell, however, is a terribly flawed politician and its anyone’s guess if he remembers or even heard about Enoch Powell.

Powell was a student of the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, and preferred Europeans, the stronger, educated, race that gave England security and supremacy for centuries. Trump, seems to know something about Nietzsche, possibly learned at the military academy he attended. That explains why “Strong” is a “god word” for President Trump. People who are “Strong,” like Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, are the stuff that nations are made from.

Unlike Enoch Powell, President Trump is quite ignorant of most things that are important for an American President. But he may have watched cable news reports about the political instability of the European Union, Brexit, and the resistance to immigration of Muslim refugees by Eastern European members of the EU.

Like Enoch Powell, Donald Trump understands that voters resent illegal immigrants because they dip into welfare programs and, yes, their color. Trump tapped support in key states from white, non-college educated, Americans who had voted for Democrats since the Great Depression and World War II. They are blue-collar workers whose jobs were impacted by free trade agreements, and whose schools from kindergarten to grade 12 were warehouses that stored them until they could no longer be kept legally from leaving school.

These Trump voters were themselves children of immigrants–white European “ethnics”– who still go to Catholic Mass or Protestant services on Sunday, and send their children to Catholic or parochial schools when they can afford them.  Beginning in the 1960s, they found themselves abandoned by the Democrat Party, Protestant Pastors, Catholic priest and nuns, who championed civil rights of African Americans and began to make Social Justice their political religion. Welfare programs were directed to the support of racial minorities, “Affirmative Discrimination” in higher education discriminated against Americans of European stock and “Diversity” was adopted as a “standard” in higher education and public policy.

That was the origin of a new force in American politics, “Reagan Democrats.”

Trump’s appeal to these traditional working class Democrats was enough to win key states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in 2016. For some, especially Evangelicals, Donald Trump affirmed the Christian character of America and saw that confronting a rising Islam was something we needed. That is reflected in the President’s decision to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Notice that Trump’s policy restricting immigration, challenged by jurists in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, was directed at Muslim countries. Trump’s base and Trump himself don’t really care about “the Dreamers,” but they damn well want to restrict Muslim immigration.

All the talk about a Wall, DACA, poor African countries and illegal immigration actually hides the real reason that Donald Trump was elected President.  He was the one person who appealed to a section of the voting public who affirmed the right of America to stay Christian, European in origin and “traditional” as opposed to “revolutionary.”  For Trump, the name of “revolution” in America is Barack Obama.



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