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Fate of the Union and Trump’s Fate

January 31, 2018

President Donald Trump did an excellent job reading his first “State of the Union Address.”

Early commentary by cable news program “journalists” indicate some surprise that the President has come up with a workable compromise on DACA. But some have asked why Russia was not discussed. And, I wonder why he didn’t mention the crisis of American higher education tuition cost, student debt, and domination of the Social Sciences and Humanities by the Left.

Does his lamentable experience with “Trump University” and weak appointments at the U.S. Department of Education portend a “do nothing” Administration with respect to higher education?

Why would President Trump appoint a retired career Army General, Mitchell Zais, as principal Deputy at the U.S. Department of Education when there are so many knowledgeable conservative scholars and academics who understand why higher education is in crisis?

This thoughtful essay by Dr. Angelo Codevilla on what is at stake in the debate over immigration puts the discussion about immigration in its important context. The United Kingdom and the governments of Poland and Hungary are taking a stand against open immigration. So must we.

And American foreign policy in the Trump Administration has been silent about Russia. Silence is sometimes better than shouting, but President Trump’s silence has generated speculation that the Russian Kleptocracy has deep claws into his family company and finances.

I hope not.

Impeachment is not something that the American people want. But, if President Trump has been compromised by Russian interests, then be gone!


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