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Don’t Take our Guns

March 3, 2018

London “Bobbies” do not carry guns. That once was a significant difference between police in the United States and the United Kingdom. Back then, before the assassination of JFK, we believed the police carried guns to protect us.

No longer.

Public opinion has subtly shifted in light, I believe, of the real or perceived cover-up of the Kennedy assassination, and a great many Americans, perhaps a majority, believe that the police and military are there to protect the political Establishment–the state-and its attempts to control public opinion–and us.

The underlying argument for the defense of the 2nd Amendment that affirms the right to possess and bear arms is simply that we need these weapons to protect ourselves from “them.”  Some day when the state decides to subdue a city, or a region, or a class of citizens (Waco is an example) we will need weapons as powerful as those the state will use against us.

There is good reason to be skeptical of authority–after all it is used to warehouse us in public schools, for many years compelled us to serve in the military and even to accept withholding of tax from our paychecks to support programs that will not exist when we retire.

The state–many believe–is engaged in a great “Con” and we are the objects of that deception. So, don’t even think of taking my guns. I expect that I’ll need them. Or, if you want to restrict the purchase of automatic weapons, then give us something in return. For example, abolish EPA and the U.S. Department of Education and you can have my AR-15.


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