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Saving Trump’s Foreign Policy

March 11, 2018

On several occasions, particularly in April and July, I have observed that President Donald Trump is totally at sea about how government operates and cited my reasons.

The President’s principal failure is that he has failed to fill top positions requiring Senate confirmation. That assures that his Administration will fail.  Unfortunately, the President’s arrogance and mercurial temperament places the United States at risk to foreign enemies.

Instead of brushing off his duty to appoint talented professionals to top administrative posts, he should consider appointing these thirteen professional to the Departments of State and Defense, the National Security Council or as Ambassadors to the many Ambassadorial positions he has not, as yet, filled.

Here are the names of thirteen experts who can save this President’s foreign policy:

Michael Doran, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, National Security strategist

Phillip Henderson, Catholic University of America, Presidential Administration

Arthur Herman, Ph.D, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Defense strategist

Mike Pilsbury, Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute.

Herman Pirchner, founding President of the American Foreign Policy Council with ties to Speaker Newt Gingrich

Michelle Van Cleve, George Washington University, National Security professional

Angelo Codevilla, intelligence expert and political theorist whose recent book, The Ruling Class, is an indictment of the Washington, DC power elite.

Jack Tierney, professor of International Relations at the Institute of World Politics.

William Schneider served on the staff of U.S. Senator from New York, James Buckley, and was a former Undersecretary of State for Security Assistance.

Robert Reilly, former head of Voice of America, is a public diplomacy professional and author of books on homosexuality, Islam and music.

Ambassador Richard McCormack, is a former Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs.

Ilan Berman, American Foreign Policy Council,  is an expert on the world’s 1.6 million Muslims living in four countries–none of which is in the Middle East.

Jeffrey Smith, expert on the People’s Republic of China and the current South China Sea disputes.

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