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The Future is Here

March 17, 2018

In the mid-1960s, proponents of Marxist revolution concluded that students were more likely to support overthrow of capitalism than the working class. Protests at UC-Berkeley were organized for “free speech” and that movement found fertile ground in the anti-Vietnam war movement.

Of course, at the time, the military “draft” was in place and all U.S. males were open to induction into the U.S. military. “Hell, No, We Won’t Go” reverberated on many campuses. If for any reason draft-age male citizens didn’t want to go to fight a land war in Asia, they could dodge the draft by accepting a plenitude of “deferments”–attend college,  teaching in elementary or secondary schools, have children to support–or flee to Canada and become a “draft dodger.”

These young people didn’t stop the war in Vietnam, but their campus protests led to a revolution in higher education. No longer were “Core Curricula” courses required, cafeteria style education was affirmed, grade inflation commenced and the Progressive Left used control of academic employment and tenure to introduce “gender,” Women’s, African American and “Global” studies to replace Western civilization, American history and government, and classical, “liberal,” economics–i.e. free market economics.

The result is loss of the “Millennial” generation to the Left. That, at any rate, is conservative pollster Frank Lutz’ conclusion. “The GOP has lost the millennial generation.”

From the time they could read, these “millennials” have been indoctrinated by elementary and secondary school teachers with degrees in a non-discipline called “Education.”

In the world of “Education,” all is process and hierarchies are mutable. Thus the Constitution of the United States is not fixed in a philosophy of limited government. As Americans we have the right to do what is not right. And everyone is equal except that some are more equal and deserve favorable treatment because a century and a half ago they were enslaved or abused.

Millennials have been taught that discrimination is good when “affirmative.”

Millennials believe that the United States should honor its commitment to admit the poor and hungry of the world to the benefits of American freedom.

Serious scholars have argued that “open” borders or “open” immigration are dangerous and Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election by promising to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.. The late Mr. Justice Scalia affirmed the principle that the Constitution is not something that each new generation may bring “alive” by ignoring the philosophy of limited government that document embodies. And courageous scientists and policy organizations criticize the ideology of global warming.

Today when your child in 5th grade tells you that we have to save the trees, do something about Global Warming, or suggests that the U.S. Constitution should be amended to remove the 2nd Amendment, or that JFK was a great President, you may safely conclude that the future is already here.


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