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The Next Conservative Leader?

April 10, 2018

In a country as large as the United States, why place a question mark after the phrase, “The next conservative leader”?

What constitutes “Conservative” is  commitment to national security,  commitment to free enterprise and commitment to limited government. If there is no argument about these “Big Three” commitments, why has no “leader” arisen who symbolizes all three principles?

That is what once was called the “$64,000 Question.” Back when that phrase first entered the American vocabulary in 1955, the United States was getting used to its  peacetime obligations as “the” world power. The President of the United States was a proven war hero, former Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, his opponent in the 1952 presidential nomination contest, Sen. Robert Taft (R-Ohio) longtime leader of Republican conservatives was dead. It would be close to thirty years before a new leader came forward and successfully waged a campaign for President of the United States.

Ronald Reagan left office in 1989–again, close to 30 years ago–and we await another conservative Republican like Ronald Reagan.

Why the delay?

American politics and culture have changed. Disruptions caused by the anti-Vietnam War movement led to emasculation of American college curricula. “Cafeteria style” education became the rule and for more than 40 years, American college  students have not been required to study the history of Western civilization, American government and history, economics, religion, nor what is required to sustain a self-governing Republic.

When Ronald Reagan attended Eureka College, Keynesian economics had not been created and we must assume that even though Ronald Reagan was a “C” student, he earned a degree in economics when it represented the classical liberalism of Adam Smith and David Ricardo.

Today, if you study Economics in most colleges, you’ll be taught the “demand” side of economics, not about “Supply-side Economics.”  If you are an aspiring conservative leader, in order to learn about tax cuts and limited government, you better not study Economics or Political Science in College.

And where will you learn that the national interest should govern American foreign and national security policy?

Moreover, why would you even consider a career in elective politics? The First Amendment protects the media, now dominated by “journalists” who are what we used to call “anti-American.”  Oh, I know they aren’t communists or agents of  a foreign power, but today’s journalists represent the ideology of the professors who dominate “the Left University.” University of Missouri communication professor, Melissa Click, is an example of what you’ll learn in Departments of Communication.

A teenage indiscretion or brush with the law will be dragged up when you surface as an aspiring conservative politician. Your ex-wife will be encouraged to tell why she divorced you, and God help you if you cheated on your wife or were arrested for DUI.

In other words, unless you are hardened by adversity or are callous and don’t care that your reputation will be shaped by enemies, you will not seek public office. And you may not even study American history, economics or American foreign policy. After all, what has that got to do with being a responsible citizen?

So, under those circumstances, do we really need to ask, “Where is that conservative leader who will wear the shoes of Bob Taft or Ronald Reagan?”


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