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Future of the GOP–Three Views

April 17, 2018

Conservative Republicans are of three minds about the GOP:

The Optimist

There is lots of decay — moral, muscular, and otherwise — in and around the party, but there is nothing new about that.  A Reagan moment is a Brigadoon phenomenon;  it mysteriously appears once every hundred years or so and a few very great things happen; and, then, the country coasts for decades on the strength of that spiritual energy while the craven and the ignorant carry on with business as usual.  The most important features of our permanent  political system are Mr. Madison’s checks and balances and our Anglo-Saxon habit of taking the rule of law seriously. There is much deep doo-doo affecting American politics, but, as Ronald Reagan’s favorite joke had it, there must be a pony in there somewhere.

The Enthusiast

Donald Trump rescued the Republican Party from its capture by the Establishment – especially corporate America which is overtly and explicitly pro-business but protectionist and, essentially, hostile to freedom of enterprise. Had Trump not prevailed in the GOP primary, any other GOP nominee would have lost, and Clinton would now by finishing the job Obama started, effectively destroying freedom in America. Instead, freedom is rising.

A Realist

The “Two Party” system inaugurated in 1800 when Vice President Thomas Jefferson of the Democratic-Republican Party defeated incumbent President John Adams of the Federalist Party will be subject to realignment. There are signs that the United States will experience a multi-party system:

When realignment occurs, our Two Party system will feature four parties:

  1. The “New“ Democrats—aligned with Neoconservatives and some Trump working class Democrats. Look for Bill Kristol and Neoconservatives to take the lead.
  2. Progressive Democrats–pursuing gender, racial and immigrant voters.
  3. A traditional GOP aligned with East Coast internationalists, Chamber of Commerce businesses, some Neoconservatives and Liberal Republicans who think fondly of Nelson Rockefeller and G. W. H. Bush.
  4. A new National Conservative Party






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