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Barbara Bush, RIP

April 21, 2018

Politics is a hard and tough business and requires exceptional skills, insight and luck. The best gift of Lady Luck is money and the Bush family had that in sufficient supply to pursue business and political interests.

Watching the news coverage of the funeral for Barbara Bush brings all of that to light and heightens the contrast between Bush 41 and Bush 43 and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. These two were seated in the same aisle at the Episcopal Cathedral in Houston where Mrs. Bush’s funeral was held.

The first “Gothic” cathedral hearkens back to the 12th century at Cluny and represented changes from “Old Europe” to what we call the “Middle Ages.”  Many of these magnificent buildings house the Anglican Christian faithful, some of whom are traditional families quite different from those who went to tent meetings and still meet in non-descript Baptist churches.

Once when driving four hundred miles across Virginia from Norfolk to Abington, I visited Liberty University. The money that went into Liberty University wasn’t put into fancy buildings. Jerry Fallwell had more important things on his mind. One hundred years from now it may be different, but not then–nor now.

Barbara Bush was symbolic of an old, elegant, order that we’ll not see again. May she Rest in Peace.

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