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Pompeo at “State”

May 7, 2018

What will Mike Pompeo do to resolve the lack of competent, politically compatible, conservative Trump Administration appointees at State? Will he appease the career Foreign Service or will he choose political conservatives?

I asked that question last week because I was curious that Mike Pence was a career officer in the United States Army and first in his class at West Point. Though he was raised in California, after resigning his commission he bought an aircraft parts company in Kansas. Later he ran for Congress from Kansas.

That Secretary Pompeo was from California, not Kansas, is a good sign. Kansas has given America a long train of radicals starting with Carry Nation. There is something about those windswept Plains that drive folks out there crazy.

As a career military officer, however, I feared that Cong. Pompeo didn’t understand that career public executives are universally to the Left politically. Will he not realize that the Foreign Service Officers at State are the problem, not President Trump.

Also, the CIA is notorious as an agency dominated by Left-leaning career executives. Former Cong. Porter Goss ran into headwind at CIA and served a mere eight months from September 24, 2004 to April 21, 2005. As one CIA officer told me, “We know how to take care of people like that.”

It’s now clear that Mike Pompeo is blind to that reality.

Pompeo’s replacement at the CIA is Gina Haspel, a thirty-year career executive. I’ve recommended that President Trump should consider nominating a former CIA executive who left the CIA in disgust. That was based on the experience of one of my colleagues who resigned from the CIA in disbelief that CIA analysts were so mistaken about the ideological motives of the Soviet Union. He left the CIA shaken to his core.

Gina Haspel is a “go along to get along” career administrator who stayed the course though directed to supervise water boarding, and other interrogation abuses of suspected Islamic terrorists.

Arguments are made that water boarding was “legal” at the time Haspel administered that system. Have we forgotten all the claims at Nurnberg that the policies of Nazi Germany were legal? If confirmed, Ms. Haspel should be given the Albert Speer Award.


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