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Tom Rogers Targets Social Media

May 11, 2018

Just as I wrote of Joe Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” as too biased to the Left, Tom Rogers, former President of NBC Cable and founder of CNBC and MSNBC, was interviewed by Joe Scarborough on Friday, May 11.

Tom Rogers is an advocate of government control of social media. Unfortunately, he’s not alone and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google better watch out!

Tom Rogers is an attorney and was responsible, thirty-four years ago, as counsel to an important House Committee for drafting laws regulating telecommunications, including the 1984 Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act.

He’s at it again and he has the influence to cripple social media with government regulation.

Rogers is now quite old, but his success has earned him enormous wealth, several Emmy Awards, election to the Cable Hall of Fame and contacts in government and media that can make trouble for any and all new entrants into the world of social media.

Recent attempts by Russia at manipulation of social media and Russian e-mail hackers have given the pro-regulation side in telecommunications the opportunity to attack the few players in Social Media who got there first and are now dominant. The influence of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google is growing, not merely in the United States, but in Asia where political regimes are less stable than in the West.

Here’s the problem: We freedom loving Americans don’t want any foreign governments to manipulate social media, but internal attempts at regulating what people post online will introduce the same Leftist domination that afflicts our attorney class, universities and broadcast and cable media.

I observed three days ago that there is “New Class” equal in power to the “Military Industrial” complex that President Eisenhower warned about fifty-seven years ago in 1961.

Also, fifty-seven years ago in 1961, F. Clifton White started the “Draft Goldwater’ movement. In November 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) had planned to run for President before the Kennedy assassination, but realized that was not an option after the assassination.

So the “Draft” movement was not  supported nor encouraged by Goldwater, and when it gained momentum and Goldwater was pressured into running, he locked Clif White out of the campaign. Fifty-four years ago in 1964, the American voters had an opportunity to begin the reversal of Progressive political programs but, instead, chose to continue  them. LBJ carried us down into the bowels of a “Deep State” with disastrous consequences.

We got further mired in Vietnam and LBJ passed immigration legislation designed to change the racial and ethnic composition of America.

Thirty years ago in the election of 1988, we elected George H. W. Bush. His nomination was assured in 1980 when Ronald Reagan chose G. H. W. Bush to run as Vice President and abandoned the candidacy of the former Governor of Nevada, Paul Laxalt. Those three dates, 1961, 1964 and 1981, assured the continued decline of the Constitutional limits on government.

In 2016, finally, the American people decided to do something about this and elected a novel candidate for President, a Celebrity who knows nothing about government. But even his manic behavior will not reverse this downward spiral. It is too late and the freedom of enterprise of social media that is targeted for government control is just another step on the road to serfdom.





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