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Small Hands or Ham-handed

May 14, 2018

We now know that President Trump does not have small hands. His ham-handed move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem has destroyed any possible peaceful solution with Palestinians for a generation.

And even after a generation, only total domination of the United States in the Middle East may bring Israel together in peace with Palestinians and the Arab states in the region. That means replacing the Islamic regime in Iran and expulsion of Russia from Syria.

Today’s ceremony in the American Embassy in Jerusalem made a mockery of diplomacy. Yes, we have good feelings for Israel, but we can’t wave that sentiment in the face of states that do not recognize Israel’s sovereignty.

The only poignant moment in today’s ceremony was Jared Kushner’s reminiscence of his grandparents who fled the Holocaust in Belarus.

Even today, more than a quarter century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Belarus is still a Marxist state.

The parade of members of Congress who took a bow at the ceremony tells us why Congress is held in low esteem. These members of Congress should have known that moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem was a diplomatic disaster.

And did we need to be reminded by the prayer of Pastor Robert Jeffress that Jerusalem has eschatological meaning for Fundamentalist Protestants who look forward to the Second Coming.

Good, God, spare us from such ham-handed prayers at American Embassys in war zones.

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